Twenty-Two Bishopsgate Tower Block


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Described as Europe’s first vertical village, this skyscraper stands at 278m tall with 62 storeys, and houses a fresh food market, innovation hub, gym, wellbeing retreat and spa, curated ‘art walk’, business club and destination restaurant. The tower also contains London’s largest bike park.


Hotchkiss managed the full airside shell and core package, including the supply, delivery and installation of the ductwork. We also managed the major plant and associated equipment from basement level 3 to the level-62 roof, inclusive of air balancing and commissioning. Also included were the basement smoke extract damper control system and firefighting lift lobby works, which we supplied, delivered, tested and commissioned.

“Hotchkiss are nicknamed ‘the ghosts’ – they are no trouble and are hardly seen. The ductwork is simply installed to excellent standards and very easy to work with”

– Multiplex.

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