Hotchkiss Limited

Stainless Steel

In addition to our GSS manufacture we have now opened a specialist stainless steel workshop adjacent to one of our existing facilities in East Sussex. The facility is capable of manufacturing all types and grades of stainless steel for use in the ductwork industry including nuclear ducting, industrial and pharmaceutical projects.

We are currently manufacturing to the following standards:

  • DW144 Straight Seamed Stainless Steel
  • High Integrity Stainless Steel – both Rectangular and Circular Ductwork

In addition we are happy to look at any particular specification requirements.

We have a fully skilled workshop including coded welders who are qualified to the following levels:

  • BS EN ISO 15614-1-2004 + A1 : 2008
  • BS EN 287-1 : 2011
  • BS EN ISO 15609-1 : 2004

In addition to the manufacturing capability we also offer a specialist site service for installation of duct systems.

Stainless Steel workshop at Hotchkiss